10 Must-visit restaurants in Palma: Eat, Enjoy and Relax

10 Must-visit restaurants in Palma
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Planning a trip to Palma de Mallorca? You're in for a treat! Palma is not just about beautiful beaches and historic sites; it's also a paradise for food lovers. We know that choosing a restaurant can be overwhelming, especially with so many options out there. That's why we've put together a list of 10 must-try restaurants in Palma de Mallorca. Trust us, you don't want to miss out on these!

Whether you're a meat lover, a vegetarian, or looking for something exotic, we've got something for everyone. From cozy spots perfect for family dinners to romantic getaways for couples, our list has it all. Some of these places even offer a one-of-a-kind experience that you won't find anywhere else. So, grab your fork and knife; we're about to take your taste buds on a tour they won't forget!

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Toque de Queda

If you find yourself wandering the charming streets of Palma de Mallorca, a detour to Toque de Queda is not just a recommendation—it's a culinary imperative! Run by the passionate duo, Alicia Arduini and Andrea Cavate, who've migrated from the Italian regions of Reggio Emilia and Modena to bring their love for food and culture to Mallorca, this restaurant embodies the very essence of European bonhomie.

The special thing about Toque de Quada is that it is located in the Forn Cremat, a 60-year-old oven and bakery, and the restaurant still has an old Arab oven, one of the few left on the island. The decor is an eclectic mix of old and new, where restored furniture, vintage photographs, and even a collection of Gipsy skateboards coalesce to offer an atmosphere of charming nostalgia.

If you're a foodie who adores fresh, high-quality ingredients, Toque de Queda will feel like a culinary hug. Whether you're vegetarian, celiac, or a carnivore, the menu offers something for everyone. From the zesty zucchini carpaccio marinated in mustard and carrot vinaigrette to the hearty baked potatoes with Vera paprika sauce, every dish is a symphony of flavors.


If you want to enjoy the culinary delights of Palma de Mallorca, you cannot miss the experience offered by Vandal, located in the vibrant Santa Catalina neighbourhood at Plaça Progres 1512. The restaurant crafts authentic Mediterranean, European and Spanish flavours, with a modern, innovative twist that tantalises the palate. Here's why Vandal should be on your list of must-visit restaurants in Palma:

Vandal was born from a vision to create a place where the essence of different gastronomic journeys come together. Vandal's philosophy is to celebrate the dynamic union of food, cocktails, wine and exemplary service, inviting you to relive the joy found in every corner of the world explored by its creators.

The nocturnal charm of Vandal, coupled with its quaint location, crafts an ideal setting for an intimate evening out.

Vandal's menu is a canvas where traditional flavors meet innovation. The reviews sing praises of its superb and inventive food, indicating that every visit unravels a new layer of its culinary narrative.

Vandal opens its doors every day from 19:00 to 23:00, making it a perfect spot for a delightful dinner.

Arume Sake Bar Mallorca

Immersing oneself in the culinary treasures of Palma de Mallorca, the journey is incomplete without a stop at the Arume Sake Bar. This gorgeous place is located at Avenida Argentina 6, in the heart of the bustling Santa Catalina neighborhood, less than a km away from the magnificent Catedral de Mallorca, making it a convenient culinary escapade.

Arume Sake Bar welcomes you to the exquisite world of Japanese cuisine. The menu, curated with a meticulous eye for quality and innovation, offers a range from exceptional sushi to delightful sake cocktails, promising a gastronomic journey from the heart of Palma to the vibrant streets of Tokyo.

If you are vegetarian or have a gluten intolerance, the menu is designed to cater for vegetarian palates and offers gluten-free options, ensuring an enjoyable dining experience for all.

The ambiance at Arume is as inviting as its menu. The staff, known for their friendly and warm service, accentuates the cozy atmosphere, ensuring a dining experience that transcends the ordinary.

Arume Sake Bar is a celebrated spot in Palma, and it’s advisable to reserve your table in advance to avoid the wait, especially during peak hours. The culinary journey that awaits is well worth the planning.

Vagabundos Palma

This cozy restaurant is positioned at Carrer de Sant Magí 9 in the lively neighborhood of Santa Catalina, Palma de Mallorca. It is on a mission to delivering a rich culinary palette that goes beyond the conventional, offering a blend of Mediterranean, European, and International cuisines.

The ambiance speaks volumes about the restaurant’s character, making it an inviting space to dine in, laugh, and create memories.

With a splendid rating of 4.5 on TripAdvisor and being ranked #39 out of 1,797 restaurants in Palma de Mallorca, Vagabundos Palma has evidently found a special place in the hearts of locals and travelers alike. The high rating and positive reviews are a testament to its exceptional service, delectable food, and the overall delightful experience it offers.

Clandestí Taller Gastronòmic

At Clandestí Taller Gastronòmic, dining transcends conventional boundaries to become a theatrical spectacle. The restaurant invites you to a show in which the chefs are the artists and each dish is a scene in a captivating story. The term "theatrical dining" is echoed by diners who find the experience akin to a performance, where food and artistry merge to create an unforgettable spectacle.

The ambience of Clandestí Taller Gastronòmic is classy, with a sophisticated elegance that complements the exquisite culinary offerings. The venue is renowned for its tasteful décor and sophisticated atmosphere, makes it a memorable outing for you and your beloved one.

You can describe this wonderful place with a single phrase: "Sit back to enjoy the show”.


SUMAQ, which in Quechua translates to "good, rich, delicious," embarks on a gastronomic adventure to bring a taste of Peru's vast biodiversity to Palma. From the Pacific coast to the Amazon and the heights of the Andes, the restaurant presents a Peruvian fusion cuisine deeply rooted in a profound understanding of food, nature, and cultures, blended with the unique essence of Mallorca to offer an exceptional fusion touch.

If you're looking for a place to enjoy a fine dining experience, you'll be pleased to know that SUMAQ has been recognised by the Michelin Guide, underlining SUMAQ's commitment to culinary excellence.

Customers acclaim SUMAQ for its exquisite Peruvian fusion and gourmet offerings, with a super refreshing Pisco sour being a highlight. The restaurant is praised for its friendly and professional service, and the quality of the dishes is said to justify the price point.

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Emilio Innobar

From the zesty zest of Mexican spices, the umami whispers of Asian delicacies, to the hearty embrace of Mediterranean flavors, chef Emilio Castrejón put it all to create a culinary narrative that's as diverse as it is delicious.

The Emilio Innobar is located in the centre of Palma, and when you enter you and your friends will be greeted by an atmosphere that blends elegance and modern chic.

De Tokio a Lima

De Tokio a Lima is a captivating culinary haven located on the main floor of the Hotel Can Alomar in Palma de Mallorca, offering its patrons a scenic dining backdrop with two terraces overlooking the picturesque Paseo del Borne.

You can easily deduce from its name, that this restaurant simbolyze the culinary journey between Tokyo (Japan) and Lima (Peru) that it aims to encapsulate.

What make this restaurant a must go if you find yourself in Palma is its philosophy of merging the distinct and rich culinary traditions of Japan and Peru, along with a touch of Mediterranean flavors, offering a unique fusion cuisine in Mallorca.


Botanic is listed as one of the 40 most beautiful restaurant in the world. A visit is mandatory if you are travelling in Palma.

Botànic is a place where vegetables take center stage in a vibrant and innovative culinary narrative, while meat and fish play the roles of garnish.

This restaurant invites you to immerse yourself in a new way of appreciating the green, providing a fresh, vibrant, and daring approach to vegetable cuisine. In doing so, Botànic not only caters to the palate but also to the environmentally conscious diner.

If you are looking for a sensual and seductive experience, then you’ll delighted by the healthy cousine and the memorable experience you will certainly have in this wonderful restaurant.

The cuisine at Botànic is a creative endeavor under the helm of Chef Andrés Benítez, whose plant-based dishes are influenced by the flavors of Asia, the Middle East, and Mexico. These international inspirations, paired with local island produce, result in dishes rich in color, texture, and fresh, global flavors.


If you find yourself walking the streets of Palma, make your way to Fera Palma, where chef Simon Petutschnig will delight you with his extensive menu and a fusion of flavours from the Mediterranean, Europe and Central Asia.

The walls tell tales through contemporary pictures and sculptures from the Levy collection, making your meal a feast for the eyes too. It’s a place where every corner has a story, and every room holds a different vibe. Whether you find a nook in the cozy library or dine in the spacious room with terracotta and dark grey hues, the ambiance wraps around you like a warm embrace.

Fera Palma is not just about a meal; it’s about creating memories. Whether you’re celebrating with a big group or having a quiet dinner, the setting is just right. The private cozy library is perfect for those intimate gatherings, while the larger dining room is ready to host your big celebrations.

So there you have it, our top 10 must-visit restaurants in Palma de Mallorca! From romantic dinners to lively group gatherings, there's a spot for every occasion. Whether you're craving sushi, looking for a fine dining experience, or just want a cozy place to eat with family, Palma has got you covered. Remember, these aren't just places to eat; they offer experiences that you'll cherish long after your trip is over. So why wait? Book a table now and treat your taste buds to a meal they won't forget!