5 things to look for when buying a luxury villa in Mallorca

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Mallorca receives millions of visitors, but if you’ve decided that you want to embrace this superb lifestyle and want to settle here, you’ll have a decent selection of property options. While lots of choice can be a good thing, it can also make villa shopping a little overwhelming. Whether you’re relocating or looking for a holiday home, here we’ll explore five things to look for when you buy a luxury villa in Mallorca.

Walk in Wardrobes

When looking to buy a luxury villa, Mallorca shoppers should look out for plenty of wardrobe space. Remember that Mallorca has plenty to see and do, so you’ll need to have the outfits to suit each activity. Whether you’re having a relaxing day at the beach or visiting a Michellin star restaurant, you’ll want to be able to put your outfit together without needing to dig through drawers or search through boxes. 

A large walk in wardrobe can provide you with the space you need to keep your clothes organized and wrinkle free. You can keep your clothes, shoes and accessories all in one place, so you’ll not waste time getting ready for the interesting events that day or night.

A Chef’s Kitchen

While Mallorca has a vast selection of superb restaurants and dining experiences, there will be times when you want to relax at home or entertain guests. This means that you’ll need a kitchen that can deliver. 

Of course, what you consider a chef’s kitchen will depend on your preferences. You may be interested in plenty of cabinets and attractive backsplashes, room for luxury appliances or simply the space you need to prepare your favourite meals. So, just ask yourself if you could see yourself preparing a gourmet meal or if there is room for caterers to create an impressive dinner for your event in your short list of villas.

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Gorgeous Bathrooms

A bathroom is more than just a place to get cleaned up or dressed, it can be a spa like experience in the comfort of your home. This means that you’ll need gorgeous bathrooms that are more than a bathtub, shower and toilet. 

Look out for jet tubs that have plenty of space to sink in for a good soak and showers with impressive water pressure. You can even find luxury villas with features such as touch screen TVs in the bathrooms, which means that you can unwind and relax with your favourite movie or television shows as you soak away the stresses of the day.

Outdoor Amenities

If you’re new to Mallorca, you may not appreciate the wonderful year round weather we enjoy. This means that the outdoor amenities of a home are almost as important as what you find inside. 

The choice of amenities when you’re looking to buy a luxury villa in Mallorca can vary, so you’ll need to think about what is important to you. From swimming pools and hottubs to tennis courts and more. All of these features will allow you to embrace a luxurious lifestyle and soak up the sun most of the year.

Security Features

Finally, you should look for luxury villas with security features, which will help you to truly feel relaxed in your new home. Built in security features such as shrubbery, gardens and terraces can not only prevent people from peeking into your life, but they can provide you with protection against uninvited guests. You may also prefer the reassurance of your new home being in a gated community, as you can find many in Son Vida, with smart home features, so you can see who is on your property at any time.

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