7 Exclusive location to buy a villa in Mallorca

7 Exclusive location to buy a villa in Mallorca
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Mallorca, located in the glistening Mediterranean, is not only the haven for holidaymakers but also a paradise for luxury real estate. This is where exclusivity meets with breathtaking beauty. This Balearic Island enjoys the diversified landscape, every part of the land manifests the unique charm and appeal of its own.

At Mallorca Select, with more than twenty years of experience in the luxury market in mallorca, we are happy to present you a guide to the top seven places where you will be able to buy a villa: Son Vida, Puerto Portals, Puerto Andratx, Deià, Santa Ponsa, Pollensa, and Alcúdia.

Years of experience plus countless happy clients have strengthened our services and we are among the best real estate agencies on the island to have helped connecting selective purchasers to their final million-dollar properties.

Every location we are going to cover in this article have is rich in its own exclusive mixture of luxury, peacefulness, and Mediterranean magic—ideal for people who are looking for the ideal place to lead a privileged lifestyle.

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Buy a Villa in Mallorca: Market Trends

The allure of owning a piece of Mediterranean paradise is undeniable, and Mallorca stands out as a prime location for investors and families alike looking to buy a villa. The island's real estate market has shown remarkable resilience and growth, making it a hot spot for both international and local buyers. This section delves into the current market trends in Mallorca, offers advice on making a sound investment in the property market, and underscores the importance of location in maximizing investment returns.

Mallorca's real estate market has witnessed a significant upswing in demand, especially in the luxury villa segment. Factors fueling this trend include the island's robust tourism sector, its reputation as a safe and stable destination, and the increasing desire for spacious homes with natural surroundings post-pandemic. Prices in prime locations such as Palma de Mallorca, Port d’Andratx, and Valldemossa have seen a steady increase, indicating a strong market for sellers and a competitive environment for buyers.

However, the allure of Mallorca isn't just in its scenic beauty but in the tangible returns that the real estate market offers to investors. Rental yields, particularly in tourist-frequented areas, are attractive, thanks to the island's year-round appeal. The luxury market is particularly effervescent, with high-net-worth individuals looking for exclusive properties offering privacy, unique architectural features, and breathtaking views.

Best place to buy a villa in Majorca: Investment Advice

When considering the best place to buy a villa in Mallorca, the key to a good investment lies in three factors: location, potential for appreciation, and rental yield. Properties in well-established or up-and-coming areas with access to amenities, beaches, and leisure activities tend to appreciate over time. Additionally, villas that offer something unique, whether it be historical significance, architectural uniqueness, or an unbeatable view, are more likely to hold or increase their value.

Prospective buyers should conduct thorough market research or engage with reputable real estate agents to understand the nuances of the local market. Considering factors such as planned infrastructure developments, changes in local regulations, and the area's popularity trend can provide valuable insights into potential investment returns.

In navigating Mallorca's diverse and dynamic real estate market, partnering with the right agency can make all the difference. Our real estate agency stands at the forefront of this vibrant market, boasting unrivaled expertise and an extensive network across the island. We are uniquely positioned to offer you the most precise and detailed information available, ensuring your investment not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Whether you're seeking a luxurious villa with panoramic sea views or a secluded retreat in the heart of nature, our team is dedicated to finding you the perfect property that aligns with your investment goals and lifestyle preferences. Get in touch with us today to discover how we can help you secure your dream villa in Mallorca, leveraging our deep market knowledge and comprehensive suite of services.

The importance of location when looking to buy a villa in Mallorca

The mantra "location, location, location" holds especially true in Mallorca. The island's diverse geography offers a range of locales, each with its charm and appeal. For instance, properties in Palma offer the excitement of city life combined with the beauty of the coast, making them attractive for both living and rental purposes. On the other hand, villas in the more secluded areas like Deià or Valldemossa cater to those seeking privacy and tranquility amidst nature, appealing to a niche market that can command premium prices.

Choosing the right location involves balancing personal preferences with investment considerations. On this matter we invite you to explore our selection of the best location to buy a villa in Mallorca and discover the unparalleled opportunities each area presents. From the bustling streets of Palma to the serene landscapes of the Tramuntana mountains, these locales embodies the best Mallorca has to offer.

The 7 best location to buy a villa in Mallorca

Son Vida

In the heart of Mallorca nestles Son Vida; a name well acquainted with luxury and exclusivity. Son Vida is renowned for its lavish villas to its spectacular views over Palma and the Bay of Palma making it an absolute haven for high-society living. Properties at Son Vida are architectural masterpieces full of privacy, elegance, and with all modern amenities.

What in the end gives an area attractiveness is the existence of first-class gold courses turning the region to a true paradise of golfers. Its lush greens and fairways perfectly integrate with the breathtaking Mediterranean landscape, guaranteeing an unbeatable bout of golf. Besides, proximity to Palma provides access to a cosmopolitan lifestyle while surrounding oneself with tranquility and exclusivity. Son Vida is a jewel of Mallorca, for those who are looking for an exceptional taste of villas that combines luxury and natural beauty you can check out our exclusive portfolio or you can contact us today to request the more hidden ones in our off-market catalog.

Son Vida
urbanization of son vida between the mountains of mallorca

Puerto Portals

Puerto Portals is where the nautical elegant of Mediterranean takes place. This exclusive harbor known for luxurious yachts as well as the lifestyle it attracts magnetism from the global elite. Acquiring a villa in Puerto Portals it is not just a property type, but also the purchase of a lifestyle that many would give their right arm to possess.

Just away from the district of Son Ferrer, the marina is located in this area and fringed by all walks of life: fine dining, luxury shopping, and cosmopolitan nightlife. From this place, villas in Puerto Portals offer straight views to the marina with modern luxury at its best. Most of them are built in contemporary styles with large terraces that will attract the individuals who enjoy finer things in life to reside in there.

Just another level of convenience that seeing up close again, when adding up the proximity to Palma. The hubbub of Puerto Portals can be used for hosting elegant soirées or for watching a quiet sunset creeping over the marina from the comfort of a luxury apartment.

Puerto Portals
Puerto Portals Mallorca

Puerto Andtrax

Nestled in a picturesque bay, Puerto Andratx is a true gem on the southwest coast of Mallorca that so many have coined as one of the most beautiful locations and praised for its exclusive atmosphere. Once a mere fishing village, this town underwent developments to become an upmarket destination with those being able to find their dream properties with ease in this extraordinary Mallorca’s gem.

Puerto Andratx holds the magical charm to combine traditional enchantment and modernity luxury. Alongside the bustling port, there stand fashionable boutiques, exclusive restaurants as well as small cafes - all blessed with beautiful views of yachts in the sea amidst azure Mediterranean Sea. Being mostly up hills, the villas here tend to be private and offer breathtaking, uninterrupted panoramic views.

The area is also famous for the orange and pink sunsets that offer a show on an almost daily basis to the inhabitants of many villas that develop it. For those seeking a quiet yet luxurious lifestyle, Puerto Andratx offers a quiet retreat with all the trappings to live the modern luxury living.

Port D'Andratx
Port d'Andratx


Deià is not a place, but an emotion nestled in the Tramuntana Mountains. An eminent artistic hub over the centuries, this underrated village has lured writers, musicians, and artists thanks to its rural charm and calm environment. Buying a property in Deià means being immersed into a place of immense natural beauty as well as cultural richness.

The architecture that is visible at Deià is a complicated mix of the traditional Mallorcan with modern luxury. Often these villas can be discreetly tucked away behind lush olive groves and citrus orchards giving peace and privacy. The setting is nothing short of spectacular, with the mountains giving a dramatic backdrop to the stone-clad homes.

Living in Deià might mean feeling the slower rhythm of life, enjoying thoroughfares which are filled with views worth of postcards, eating in small but well hidden restaurants with good food and going for a walk around beautiful nature. Being a cultural hotspot and incorporated with natural beauty, Deià is a preferred location for any individual who wishes to experience an artistic retreat and rest within the walls of a luxury villa.

Valldemossa, Mallorca

Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa, a vibrant combination of natural beauty with a relaxed sophistication located northwest of the desired southwest coast of Mallorca. A location where luxury villas merge with azure waters of the Mediterranean offering both relaxed and refined lifestyle. The beauty of Santa Ponsa is ability to cater for all.

Sincere buyers find gargantuan homesteads to outrange it in a robust community with broad sandy beaches and top-ranked golf courses. With some of the most beautiful golf courses in the island, one can not miss his or her way when it comes to outdoor activities. Some most beautiful beaches of Mallorca, having its clear waters and having as one of the activities offered by this beach sailing to simply sunbathing.

Warm and friendly in the same way as Santa Ponsa's sunny climate, Mallorca's lovable community is enhanced with vibrant events calendar and international schools, with shops, restaurants, and cafes in numbers that continue to enliven the precincts. The subject surrounding villas characterized by lush landscapes that are enveloped with outstanding sea or mountain views is all about living the high life in a private paradise.

If you dream of an active but peaceful way of life, you surely will find that Santa Ponsa boasts the perfect formula between beachside bliss and community spirit.

Santa Ponca
Aerial view, marina of Santa Ponsa


This traditional town is found to be Pollensa where one can explore the cult and timeless beauty in the north region of Mallorca. The visitor to this historic town can find that the cobbled lanes adorned with the stone houses will give a hint of the lost age of the island. Through our selective search of Polenca's most delightful and unique villas to impressive period homes, we helped discerning buyers with presenting Pollensa's blend of history, culture, beauty and if you too are searching for a villa that possesses character, charm and a soul you are looking in the right place.

Pollensa is renowned for its rich culture, featuring festivals and art exhibitions that animate the ancient streets. No visit to the town, of course, would be complete without an excursion into the surrounding countryside that takes in some of Mallorca's most dramatic landscapes -- from the swooping Tramuntana Mountains to the sandy beaches at the neighboring Port de Pollensa. This confluence of cultural grandeur amicably mixed with the natural beauty makes Pollensa a harbinger to all luxury seekers whose thrust is not only indulgence but for the soul of Mallorca.

The villas in Pollensa are epitomes of the town's intrinsic heritage where modern-day amenities merge in affinity with the bygone era architecture. Living here means being part of a community that values preservation, art, and the finer aspects of Mallorcan life. Whether it’s exploring the local markets, hiking in the nearby hills or merely enjoying panoramic views of your terrace, living is an experience tournamented in Pollensa.

Port de Pollensa
Port de Pollenca


Last but not least there is Alcúdia, which combines historical intrigue with coastal delight, all in one very special setting - this fortress town is nestled on the northeast coast of Mallorca. Picturesque with well-preserved medieval walls and ancient streets this is the place what tells stories from the times that have gone by and where any history lover must go. In Alcudia you can find luxury villas nestled between the historic centre and the stunning sea shore.

While Alcúdia may be drenched in centuries of history, there's one thing it isn't when staying in this delightful town: boring. The town is surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches in the island among which the World-famous Playa de Alcúdia, with fine white sand and turquoise blue crystal clear waters. The infusion of cultural heritage with beachfront living makes Alcúdia especially ideal for families, as well as any homeowner seeking a peaceful yet active lifestyle.

An excellent local market, vibrant festivals and a broad range of outdoor activities from cycling to water sports combine to create an enviable community atmosphere. Alcúdia Villas are designed keeping in mind the element of comfort and luxury and hence provide many properties with awe-inspiring views of the sea or the extended surrounding countryside. Alcúdia is perfect for anyone who wants medieval charm combined with modern luxury, all in one easy to reach place - the best of Mallorca's diverse allure.

Aerial View of Alcudia


Mallorca's beauty is as diverse as it is captivating, with each location offering its own unique blend of luxury, culture, and natural splendor. From the golfing paradise of Son Vida to the historic streets of Pollensa and Alcúdia, the island caters to a wide range of preferences and lifestyles. With Mallorca Select's expert guidance, finding your dream villa in these exclusive locales is not just a possibility but a reality waiting to unfold. Each destination promises a lifestyle filled with Mediterranean luxury, whether you're seeking tranquility, cultural richness, or beachside bliss. In Mallorca, the dream of luxury island living is within reach.