How Mallorca Celebrates NYE and Christmas

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Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Mallorca are celebrated quite differently from the rest of the world. The various unique traditions, shopping items, food, etc. make Mallorca one of the best places to visit during the holiday season. There are several public holidays throughout December and in early January, giving families time to enjoy the festivities and the jolly atmosphere that is ever present this time of year. If you are thinking of visiting Mallorca during Christmas, this guide will help you make the most of your festive trip. So, read on!

Festive Atmosphere in Mallorca

Every year, the city council takes great steps to make Mallorca a winter wonderland. At the end
of November, the iconic Christmas lights are traditionally switched on, transforming the city
center into a stunning boulevard that captivates adults and children alike.

Apart from this, the 18th century tradition of creating “belen” – a native scene, is also alive in the
area. In the magnificent churches of Palma, there are several ornate displays that depict Jesus’
birth in Bethlehem. A majority of the figurines are handcrafted and painted.

Christmas Markets for Shopping

There are many amazing Christmas markets in Mallorca. Here the top two recommendations:

Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor in the city center hosts a yearly Christmas market before December starts and stays
open until the first week of January. The historical square is filled with street performers,
restaurants, and people full of festive spirit taking a stroll and browsing the stalls that sell
traditional Christmas gifts and decorations.

Puerto Portals

From mid-December to the first week of January every year, Puerto Portals holds one of the
region’s most popular Christmas markets. This family market is full of festive cheer with many
wooden stalls that offer all kinds of products, items, and gifts alongside Gluhwein German
mulled wine and roasted chestnuts.

Popular Spanish Holiday Season Dishes

Seafood and fish is a major part of the Spanish Christmas dining scene. Options like salmon,
prawns, lobsters, and high-end fish such as fresh tuna or turbot are quite popular. Apart from
these, Roscón de Reyes, a Spanish equivalent of Christmas cake, is widely eaten during the
holiday season. Quality cured meats are also popular. Morcilla, chorizo, and turkey ham are firm

Popular desserts and sweets eaten during the Christmas period include Turron which is a nougat
made of toasted almonds and honey, Mazapan made of eggs, sugar, and almonds, and Polvorón –
a sweet soft biscuit made of sugar, butter, and flour.

Beyond the Christmas Day

The festive season in Mallorca goes beyond the Christmas Day. On December 28, Día de las
Santos Inocentes is widely celebrated when people play jokes on each other, similar to April
Fools’ Day. On December 31, you can expect a lot of frolicking and fireworks.

Nochevieja (New Year’s Eve) is a big occasion that is celebrated with friends. This social affair
is filled with fun and food. At midnight, people gather in front of the TV at home or in plazas to
eat the 12 lucky grapes, one grape with each chime of the bell at midnight. Afterwards, the
parties start.

There are a wide variety of unique festivities in Mallorca until January 5th. Popular activities
include lottery luck (El Gordo lottery), lentil soup for lunch, cupid’s red underwear, gold and a
glass of cava, starting the year on the right foot, and cookies and a coin. The famous “Three
King’s Day” takes place on January 6th.

Christmas is a special cultural and religious celebration in Mallorca. Considering the above-
listed Christmas traditions and festivities, it’s not surprising why the place attracts thousands of
tourists every year during the holiday season.