How to register for Healthcare in Mallorca: From Public Benefits to Private Options

Healthcare in Mallorca
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If you’re considering relocating to Mallorca, you are likely to have thought about what you will do if you need medical treatment. Fortunately, healthcare in Mallorca is considered high quality, you simply need to know how to access the services. So, here we’ll explore how to register for healthcare in Mallorca.

The Spanish Public Healthcare Basicspubl

The public healthcare system in Mallorca and other areas of Spain is available to both employees and self employed residents who contribute to the Spanish social security system, plus their spouses and children. If you work and reside in Mallorca for 183 consecutive days or more per year, and hold full residency status, you can receive a tarjeta sanitaria. This card will allow you to access the healthcare system. It is also available to EU nationals who have reached their retirement age within their home country.

The public healthcare system covers all treatment costs for doctors or hospital visits in Spain. You can also get a discount on prescription costs at pharmacies, depending on your salary and age. Those of working age can receive a discount of up to 60%, while pensioners get a 90% discount. 

Although dental costs are not included in the public health system, these are quite inexpensive.

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How to Register for Healthcare in Mallorca

While the registration process for healthcare is quite straightforward, it does involve a fair amount of paperwork. 

The first step is to register with Social Security or Dirección General de la Tesorería General de la Seguridad Social (TGSS.) There are offices throughout Spain, with an office in Inca and Palma on Mallorca. Before you make an appointment, you will need to have registered with your local town hall to receive a padron (certificacado de empadronamiento.) You will need to present your passport and residencia at your appointment. 

You can make an appointment online, but if you are not fully confident speaking Spanish, it is a good idea to have a friend or translator help you with making your appointment and the registration process. 

Once you’ve registered with the TGSS, you will receive a certificate which you can use to access free medical care. When you visit your local health centre, you can use this certificate along with your TIE and passport to register and have a Tarjeta Sanitaria issued. You will need this card each time you make a medical appointment or collect a prescription. 

Private Healthcare in Mallorca

If you don’t qualify for public healthcare in Mallorca, you will need to purchase private health insurance coverage. There are a number of popular providers who offer private health insurance policies across Spain. Most of the companies offer the same basic services, but it is a good idea to compare policies, quotes and accessibility in your local area. Many providers have networks of clinics and hospitals where you can access treatment, so it is worth checking which facilities are accessible with your potential provider.

It is important to note that many insurance providers offer significantly limited coverage for those aged 70 or older. Additionally, if you are considered a risky customer with complex medical issues, you may struggle to obtain coverage. As you would back home, comparison shop to find the right product for your circumstances and budget.

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