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Through this in-depth guide, you will get familiarised with Mallorca's most famous and luxurious neighborhood and be informed on everything there is to know about Son Vida, often referred to as the "Beverly Hills of Mallorca".

The urbanization of Son Vida is nestled on a hill near the city of Palma, and with its stunning views, luxurious properties, high-end amenities, and rich history, it is one of the most beloved areas by affluent individuals and glamorous travelers from around the world, who often decide to establish their residencies.

In this article you can have a glimpse of the reason why Son Vida has become the place to be for many public figures and celebrities who want privacy and for whom discretion and security are essential.

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Son Vida: The Beverly Hills of Mallorca

Son Vida is considered one of the most luxurious urbanization in the west region of Palma de Mallorca, often referred as the “Beverly Hills of Mallorca”, and it is home to the most remarkable and glamorous properties in the entire island, with prices ranging from €3 million up to €65 million.

Hidden within the prestigious Son Vida residential area lies a rich and lesser-known historical background, adding an intriguing layer to its exclusivity.

Before its transformation into a sought-after residential district, the grounds on which Son Vida now stands held a fascinating past.

These lands were once part of the esteemed Son Vida estate, owned by prominent families such as Vida, Desmes, and Trullols, making it an essential Palma establishment since the thirteenth century. Through the passage of time, inheritance and land reconfigurations led to a succession of new proprietors.

One remarkable transformation occurred during the early 1900s when an outstanding neo-Gothic villa reminiscent of the grand Peralada castle in Girona emerged. This unique structure, shaped like a castle, was a heartfelt gift from Fernando Truyols and Despuig to his beloved wife, Magdalena Villalonga.

Magdalena maintained possession of the regal dwelling and its accompanying land until the mid-1950s when the decision was made to sell their treasured properties.

What is the history of Son Vida?

In 1956, two businessmen from Majorca, José Luis Ferrer, and Joan Mora, bought a portion of the property and established the Son Vida public limited company. They later acquired all the shares and began dividing the land and constructing buildings.

A few years later, Son Vida experienced a significant transformation when American aviator Stephen Albert Kusak Sliva purchased part of the company. Kusak, a former military pilot who had served in World War II, the Korean War, and the Indochina War, came to the island to create a luxurious resort that included hotels, golf courses, and a surrounding residential area.

Kusak's dream became a reality when he successfully converted the castle in the area into a hotel. In June 1961, the court opened its doors as the region's first high-end hotel, established by José Luis Ferrer Ramonell, Joan Móra Gornals, and Stephen A. Kusak.

Presently, the Castillo Hotel Son Vida is part of the Marriott International chain and has hosted esteemed guests from around the globe, including Prince Rainier of Monaco and Grace Kelly, Aristotle Onassis, Maria Callas, Anthony Quinn, Pedro Almodóvar, Claudia Schiffer, and many others.

One intriguing fact about Son Vida is that it stood as one of the last privately-owned luxury residential areas in Spain. It was not until the 1980s that the owners of Son Vida S.A., who still possess the majority of the plots, entered into an agreement with the city of Palma.

The agreement involved transferring the roads, open spaces, and public areas to the city. At present, the residential area is under the jurisdiction of the municipality of Palma and benefits from all essential public services.

Today, what was once a significant estate in medieval Palma has transformed into the premier destination for luxury in Mallorca. This residential area holds a rich history that remains relatively unknown to many.

Where is Son Vida?

Son Vida is situated just a short distance from Palma, the capital of Mallorca.

  • Palma city center is only a 15-minute from Son Vida, providing easy access to its vibrant atmosphere, shopping districts, and historical sites.
  • The nearby area of Portals Nous, with its glamorous marina and famous beach clubs, is just a 10-minute drive from Son Vida.
  • If you want to explore the charming town of Santa Ponsa, it can be reached in approximately 20 minutes by car.
  • Valldemossa, a picturesque village on the west coast, is located around 30 minutes from Son Vida, offering stunning mountain views and a rich cultural heritage.

If you are traveling from abroad and arriving at Palma de Mallorca Airport, Son Vida is conveniently located just a 20-minute drive via the Ma-19 motorway.

The airport is well connected with all the major European cities with numerous domestic and international flights.

Here you can find the average duration for flights from Mallorca and many European cities:

  • London: 2.30h
  • Frankfurt: 2h
  • Rome: 2h
  • Stockholm: 3.30h
  • Amsterdam: 2.30h
  • Berlin: 2.45h

Son Vida also provides a private helipad for those who prefer helicopter transportation. You can reach the airport in just a 10-minute flight from the helipad, making it convenient for residents and visitors traveling to and from the island.

To explore the exact location and directions to Son Vida, refer to our Google Maps Link for more information.

How big is Son Vida?

Son Vida covers an area of approximately 6 square kilometers (2.3 square miles). The area is characterized by its beautiful landscape, lush vegetation, and panoramic views over the Bay of Palma.

Does Son Vida have Sea Views?

No matter where you are, the views from Son Vida are gorgeous and unforgettable, as it is situated at an elevation of approximately 90 meters (295 feet) above sea level.

Most properties within Son Vida have sea views that one could only dream of, spanning over the pristine sea of the Bay of Palma providing you with incredible and memorable sunsets all year round.

Son Vida view from Balcony

What styles of home can you find in Son Vida?

Son Vida is what you can call the pinnacle representation of exclusivity and luxury also from an architectural perspective, and, of course, the homes within the community reflect this.

The architectural design of the villas in Son Vida exudes elegance and sophistication, blending contemporary designs with traditional Mediterranean charm that you cannot find in other places.

The gardens of the villas are impeccably maintained, and they are an absolute delight to the eyes. A villa is not considered a suitable villa if it doesn’t have a lavishing pool that comes with it to refresh the sense during the warmer hours of the day.

From quite every property, you can be delighted by breathtaking panoramic views, which complete the picture of luxury and serenity that Son Vida epitomizes.

  • Mediterranean Style Villa: A Mediterranean house is a dream for someone who appreciates simple, yet elegant, spaces. This type of architecture usually boasts simple, clean lines and a low-pitch roof. This will be your dream home if you like an evergreen architecture created with a combination of really warm woods, bright walls, and indoor-outdoor living.
  • Modern style villa: A modern design villa is a term that incapsulate a broad range of various styles but we can find some common patterns. Modern villas are typically characterized by an open floor plan, with rooms that flow seamlessly into one another and plenty of windows to let in natural light. They often feature high ceilings and large windows, as well as ample outdoor living space in the form of terraces, balconies, and gardens.
property types in Son Vida

How many houses are in Son Vida?

Son Vida’s housing stock is made up of roughly 450 single-family luxury villas priced between €3.5 million and €65 million.

The average size of the villas in this area is approximately 6.500 square feet (600 square meters), and they are situated on lots of about half an acre.

Why you should buy a villa in Son Vida

There are many reasons to move to Mallorca. In this section, we are guiding you on why you should consider buying a villa in Son Vida.

This urbanization is not only a renowned and highly coveted district in Mallorca which stands proudly as one of Europe's most desirable residential areas, but during the years, it has been populated by notable personalities from politics, sports, and television, as well as accomplished entrepreneurs and executives.

What makes highly exigent people look for properties in this area is the expansive infrastructure, which is among the most essential aspects when investing in a property on this beautiful island.

From world-class amenities to top-notch services, Son Vida leaves no stone unturned in ensuring its esteemed residents a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle.

This charming area is home to the most exclusive villa crafted by some of the most renowned architects and designers, who have left their indelible mark on this entire residential area, like Alberto Rubio, Marcelo Guirado, Sandra Cortes, Carlos Pons, only to cite a few.

This is the place you are looking for if you expect a remarkable quality of life all year round, with proximity to all the major attractions, pristine beaches, picturesque marinas, and the enchanting old town of Palma. Nonetheless, you can jump on your jet in less than half an hour with quick and effortless airport access, which is only a 20-minute drive away.

This perfect blend of accessibility, natural beauty, and privacy is what really sets Son Vida apart to all the other residential areas.

Last but not least, you can expect to surround yourself with like-minded individuals with witch you can engage and create meaningful connections.

Why you should rent a Villa in Son Vida?

Escape the chaos of the city without actually leaving it.

Renting a property in Son Vida, whether for a long-term rental or a holiday rental, can be one of the best choices you can make.

Son Vida offers you the perfect retreat, just a short 10-minute drive from the center of Palma.

But that's not all. This exclusive residential area is renowned for its exceptional security measures, providing you with peace of mind. With a unique access point and round-the-clock surveillance, Son Vida ensures a safe and tranquil environment for its residents.

If you love to play golf, you will be satisfied; in fact, only inside this neighborhood are three of the most curated golf courts where you can spend sunny days relaxing with your family and friends.

How much does it cost to buy a house in Son Vida?

The cheapest villas for sale are worth €3,000,000; the most expensive is valued at over €65,000,000.

The average value of a property in Son Vida would be around €10.750.000. There are many properties for €10,000,000-€15,000,000, but not many are currently for sale.

Currently, the price range sits at €2,000,000-€34,000,000. There are rare cases where you can find properties under €2,000,000.

Many of you may have heard of Son Vida's landmark mansion Villa Solitaire, listed at €65,000,000 and globally recognized as one of the most beautiful properties in Spain.

Hotels in Son Vida

Castillo Hotel Son Vida

Escape to a world of refined luxury and enchantment as you step into Hotel Castillo newly refurbished Rooms & Suites. This hotel, exclusive for Adults Only 16+, will captivate you with the extraordinary panoramic views overlooking the breathtaking bay of Palma.

This sophisticated 5-star Hotel is the place where the essence of Mallorca's indigenous beauty is seamlessly intertwined with the allure of its affluent neighborhood.

The 164 guestrooms and suites have been meticulously designed to reflect the island's rich heritage. We love this hotel because you can really Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the surrounding.

Adjacent to the hotel, three world-class golf courses complemented by outdoor swimming pools provide unparalleled opportunities for relaxation and recreation for you and your family.

For the ultimate rejuvenation, don't miss the indulgent offerings of the Castillo Hotel Son Vida Spa, complete with a 24-hour fitness center.

From the exquisite fine dining experience at El Castell to the trendy Pool Bar, this hotel has all the credentials to satisfy your every craving and leave you with unforgettable memories.

Castillo Hotel Son Vida


Unleash Your Passion for Sports and Unwind in Style at Sheraton Mallorca Arabella Golf Hotel.

Step into a world of leisure and sporting excellence at one of the most esteemed island's premier golf resorts. With its seamless blend of Palma's laid-back vibe, rich sporting heritage, and timeless appeal for all generations, this 5-star hotel continues to be a top choice for sports enthusiasts and families alike.

Designed to cater to the needs of modern lifestyles, the 93 rooms and suites offer a perfect blend of comfort and contemporary style. Whether you're coming in Mallorca for a golf getaway or a relaxing family vacation, this accommodation provides a haven of tranquility and relaxation.

Golf enthusiasts will find their paradise at Sheraton Mallorca Arabella Golf Hotel, as it is the first golf resort on the island, with the 18th hole just a stone's throw away from your doorstep. And that's not all - we are bordered by two additional 18-hole pro-standard golf courses, Golf Son Muntaner and Golf Son Quint, along with a pitch and putt course.

We are more than sure that the family-friendly environment you can encounter by residing in this hotel will create lasting memories for you and your family.


Restaurant in Son Vida

Although the restaurants are only a few in Son Vida, which can be found mainly in the Goulf courts and in the two Hotel, you can comfortably reach many gastronomic options within minutes.

What documentation is needed to obtain a construction license in Son Vida?

To obtain a Major Construction Licence in the municipality for Palma for a family home, the following prerequisites apply:

  • This request can be made by Anyone: individuals, legal entities, associations, etc.
  • The applicant must be an official representative of the company or association.
  • The following documentation is required:
    • Application form;
    • 2 copies of the basic technical project (these do not have to be authorized copies);
    • Statistical Survey on Building and Housing of the Development Ministry;
    • A photograph of the left- and right-hand sides of the façade of the plot showing the neighbouring buildings;
    • Budget breakdown;
    • Informative report;
    • Plan on a scale of 1:500 showing elevations of the constructions facing the site and any services on the street;
    • Application for street use license (where appropriate);
    • Original and photocopy of the documentation authorizing legal representation (where appropriate).
  • You can request this documentation in any Integrated Customer Services Unit.
  • The procedure has a duration of 3 months.
  • The request is processed by the Construction and Building Quality Department (Departamento de Obras y Calidad de la Edificación)

For more information you can learn more on the official page of the city of Palma.

What is like for kids in Son Vida?

Son Vida is truly a remarkable place for families seeking an ideal environment. Safety is a top priority in this residential area, with unparalleled security measures ensuring the well-being of its residents. Families can breathe easy knowing that their children have ample opportunities to explore within the secure confines of this gated community.

Moreover, Son Vida offers many sports and leisure activities that cater to families of all ages. From golf and tennis to horse riding, there is something for everyone. Additionally, there are specialized academies where learners of all ages can hone their skills and pursue their passions.

The amenities in Son Vida provide avenues for families to socialize and ensure that children have a blast and make the most of their day. It's a place where laughter, joy, and unforgettable moments abound.

Schools in Son Vida

The Green Valley School as been established in Son Vida

Green Valley School follows the British curriculum and the children aim to take their IGCSE's when they are in Year 11. Green Valley School is a Candidate School for the IB Diploma Programme for the years 12 and 13.

The philosophy of GVS is to stimulate the positive qualities, talents and potential of goodness latent in every child, knowing that true education is a life learning process and its ultimate goal is not only academic excellence but also human excellence as well as the development of good character.

Not further from Son Vida there are many other renowned schools easily accessible among which can be distinguished:

Who lives in Son Vida?

Suppose you have ever heard of Son Vida. In that case, you must know by now that this high-class residential zone has a strict entrance system and 24h security all over the grounds, so you can only imagine what kinds of important people live there, especially if they are looking to get away from the limelight and have some privacy.

Just to give you an idea: sports figures such as Steve McManaman (who is regarded as one of the greatest footballers of his generation), Ballack, and Schweinsteiger have owned property in Son Vida.

Believe it or not, celebrities do not populate these ostentatious properties, but business people such as Serial entrepreneur Drew Aaron and his supermodel wife Hana Soukupová.

Son Vida usually attracted more mature buyers from countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, and Russia, as well as the occasional Spanish buyer.

Buying and Selling Properties in Son Vida

Mallorca Select is the leading real estate firm in Mallorca and has years of experience helping buyers and vendors with their properties in Son Vida.

Mallorca is experiencing a valuable real estate market appreciation with a high demand for properties in this area but with a limited supply.

At Mallorca Select we continuously monitor the area, and as of today, we have some of the most impressive properties for sale in Son Vida.

Suppose you want to be the first to know when a property will become available. In that case, we invite you to contact us today and speak with one of our agents, that will guide you through all the available mansions and to consider your desires to spot the home of your dreams.

Which is the leading agency in Son Vida?

Apart from leading Mallorca's luxury real estate market, Mallorca Select is also an expert in helping clients buy and sell high-end real estate in Son Vida.

We have sold many properties within the community, and at the moment, we have a few of the most amazing estates listed on our website and many others are available in our Off-Market catalog.

If you want to know more or are interested in looking more in-depth at our selection of available properties, you can contact us today; we will be delighted to assist you in researching your dream home in Son Vida.

As this is a highly contested market, we cannot guarantee that the same properties will be available a week from now.

Mallorca Select is here to assist you throughout your sale or purchase process. If you are looking to purchase, we will guide you from finding the best plot to sourcing the perfect property to purchase with the help of our extensive database.

If you are looking to sell, Mallorca Select can provide you with a global reach through our unparalleled marketing strategies and online presence, not to mention clients actively interested in purchasing a property in Son Vida.

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