4 Architectural Styles to Know Before Buying a Villa in Mallorca

Architectural Style in Mallorca
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Mallorca is well known for its beautiful weather, exquisite cuisine and relaxed lifestyle, but it also has some wonderful architecture style. If you’re considering purchasing a property, you may be inspired by the architectural style ideas in Mallorca. So, here we’ll explore how to find your favorite architectural trend in Mallorca.


If you want luxury and privacy, a villa or chalet should be on your shortlist of properties. These are detached homes with gardens and private pools. Villas may also have communal areas or be within a gated community for additional security and amenities. If you enjoy golf, you can even find properties within golf courses, so you can literally step out of your home and straight onto the course. 

Villas are available in a variety of sizes, but often have nice architectural features, including sweeping staircases, spacious kitchens, luxury bathrooms and plenty of room for entertaining.

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If your dream home is a rural style Mallorcan property, the finca architectural style is likely to appeal to you. Mallorca has numerous fincas and country houses of various sizes that can offer privacy and tranquility. 

Fincas are traditional styled farmhouses or country estates which are typically built using local materials. This creates a charming aesthetic that can provide an ideal retreat.

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Village Houses

If you like the idea of a quaint village lifestyle, you may prefer a village house. Village houses are typically old and built with a small inner courtyard, but you may also get a roof terrace offering an impressive view. 

However, it is possible to find a rustic village house which has a modern feel. While it may look traditional on the outside, there are properties which have all the latest interior design trends including a chef’s kitchen and spa like bathrooms. This means that you can enjoy the best of both worlds, blending traditional and modern styles. 

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If contemporary is your favourite architectural trend in Mallorca, you’re likely to have considered apartments or penthouses. Mallorca has a wide selection of apartments across the island from directly on the coast offering sea views to lovely designed complexes within modern housing urbanisations. 

If you want the best views, an atico or penthouse is likely to be your prime choice. An atico can offer spectacular views across the city, coast or other landscape. 

The best apartment buildings have not only lifts, so you can avoid needing to climb multiple flights of stairs every time you go out, but also well presented communal areas including gardens, tennis courts, swimming pools and more.

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Whatever your personal preferences, there are some superb architectural ideas in Mallorca which can provide inspiration for your new home. If you are considering relocating to Mallorca and need help to find your dream home, we’re here to help. Our team is available to answer any queries or questions you may have about the latest architecture trend in Mallorca and help you to find the perfect style of home for you.